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Access TDCJ For Inmate Search Texas In County Jails

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is a Government department in Texas, United States. TDCJ is mainly responsible for the criminal justice in the whole state especially for the adult offenders. Company provides the online facility of inmate search through the official website. One can search the inmate at any time as this service is available 24 hours of the day. TDCJ is running second largest jail in United States. Website is updated on regular basis so you can get the recent details about inmate. You can search by email or call or availing the online search service of TDCJ.

What Is The Procedure Of Inmate Search Texas In County Jails Via TDCJ?

It is mandatory to have few essentials prior to start the inmate search you are supposed to have the booking number or case number or prisoner’s details. On completing the details you are required to follow the give steps:

  • Turn on your system and open the web browser to access the website. Input the given URL in the search bar of the web browser to start the inmate search.
  • In the next step as the website opens you have to click on the link which is titled as “County jail inmate search” and then select the option where you want to search inmate from available options and then click on the button marked as “Link”.
  • By doing so a new web page will be opened where you have to fill the form to get the result of your search.
  • Suppose if you selected Dallas County, TX inmate search then you can complete your search by following any of the three steps mentioned below.
  • In first method you can search by giving the prisoner details enter the prisoner’s last name and first name in given spaces.
  • Then give his date of birth month, date of birth day and date of month year in the respective blanks.
  • Mention the race and sex of prisoner for whom you are searching and then click on the blue color tab marked as “Search by Prisoner Info” to get the details of prisoner.
  • In second method you can search by entering the booking number in the given field and then click on “Search by Booking number”.
  • Thirdly you can search inmate in Dallas county by giving the Case number in given ox and then hit the blue color tab which is entitled as “Search by Case Number” to get the complete details of search.

What Is The Process To Get Notification About The Offender In Jail?

Offender’s family member or any other concerned person need to give a written request to the Victim Service Divisions. You have to register yourself by either calling at the toll free contact number or send a written note to the postal address of department. You can also submit your request of registration by sending an email to the registration center of the department and get yourself registered. You will get the notifications about offender’s parole eligibility, return and release from Warrant board decision, discharge time and many other similar notices.

Will The Information Provided For Register Remain Confidential?

Yes it is notified on clear basis that all of the information provided for registration will be kept confidential by the department.

Will I Be Notified When Inmate Is Released From Jail?

Yes you will be informed about the inmate upcoming release by a notification if you are a registered member. So register yourself first and get the notifications about offender.