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Visit TDCJ To Search For Online Job And Volunteer Registration.

The Taxes Department of Criminal Justice gives employment opportunities in many technical and professional areas. Jobs are available in three categories such as correctional officer, parole officer and non correctional officer. It also offers an employee assistance program in order to provide professional assistance to help and solve problems of employee and their families. In addition to this TDCJ is also offering a special scholarship program for employees and their families.  You are required to follow the below mentioned guidelines to search for the jobs.

Complete Procedure To Search For A Job At TDCJ:

  • First of all turn your computer system on and open the web browser which you are using currently.
  • In the next step you are required to input the URL link into the search bar of web browser to get an access to the homepage.
  • As you get an access to the home page you are supposed to click on the link which is entitled as “TDCJ job search” located under the main heading of employment.
  • When you click on this link a new page displays where you have to provide the required details in order to search a job.
  • You need to choose a region of employment from available options.
  • In the next field you have to select a city from specified options.
  • Pick up the salary range in dollars from minimum to maximum.
  • Now mention the job category and also select a sort order of job from the given options.
  • After providing all the information you are required to click on the option of “Search”.
  • After clicking on this you will get a number of jobs with job title, unit or department, city, monthly salary and closing date.
  • You can select a job of your choice and apply for it by following the instructions.

Complete Procedure For Volunteer Training Registration Online:

  • Open the website of the company mentioned above
  • As you get an access to the home page of the website you are supposed to click on the link of “Volunteer training” placed under the main heading of online services.
  • Enter your complete name including first, middle and last name into the given field.
  • You need to enter the phone number with area code and line number in the next field.
  • Enter the address and city name as well as state and zip code.
  • Click on the button of “Submit” and get your account created.

Employee Benefits:

  1. Paid Leave
  2. Insurance plan
  3. Hazardous duty pay
  4. Direct deposit
  5. Benefit waiting period
  6. Retirement benefits
  7. Unpaid leave
  8. Home loan program
  9. Workers compensation
  10. Employee assistance program

Where can I get job application forms?

You can get all application forms from the contact person listed on the job posting, or you can also get from HR headquarters. You can also download application form from the TDCJ website in PDF and Word format.

How one can apply for employee assistance program?

In order to get benefit of EAP services, employee must login with a generic email and the password. You are required to use the following:

How I Will Get Information If I Am Hired And When Should I Report To The Academy For Training?

You will get a letter via mail with instructions regarding where and when to report for training.  You will be informed about two weeks before your scheduled reporting date. You are required to inform the company if you change your mailing address.