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Apply For The Employee Retirement At Texas Online

Being an employee of Texas Government you can apply for the retirement plan online. TDCJ designed a ERS plan for its employees through which the employees can apply for their retirement and get the required details about it through this forum. You are given an online facility to estimate the retirement cost and then apply for it by following few easy steps. You simply need to create a personalized  employee retirement benefits estimate and then submit it to ERS and get your retirement packet. Then complete your documents and submit it to the company and get the retirement. Follow the given instructions in order to know the brief process of applying for retirement:

What Is The Procedure To Apply For The Retirement Being An Employee Of Texas Gov?

  • First of all turn on your system and open the web browser. Type the of website in the search bar of the web browser or search by any other searching tool to access the website.
  • Then press the “Enter” key from your key board.
  • As the website opens you have to click on the link which is marked as “Your ERS Retirement” and then hit the link which is present under the heading of “Apply for retirement”.
  • By clicking on the above link you will be taken to another page where you can find out the procedure of applying for retirement.
  • Now in the first step you have to sign in your account on the official website of company by giving the login credentials and after that prepare a personalized estimate of retirement. The estimate includes date of Retirement, payment options of Retirement, options of lump sum and with held taxes.
  • Now in second step you have to apply for retirement and ask the retirement counselor to prepare your retirement packet ninety days before the retirement.
  • You can contact the retirement counselor by making an appointment or having a phone call with him. You have to give him the necessary details including retirement payment options, partial lump sum options, beneficiary details, deposit detail and wit holding taxes.
  • You will get an ERS retirement packet after making selections. In the third step you are supposed to give the retirement documents before the retirement date.
  • For the completion of process you have to review the documents in packet. Then sign the retirement acceptance form in front of Notary public.
  • Make the copy of your proof of age document and fill out the TRS Service Credit Transfer Request form.
  • After completing all the documents send to Employee Retirement system to apply for retirement.

What Is The Valid Proof For Age Document?

Age document proof includes copy of birth certificate, passport, Baptismal record, Bible record or school record.

Am I Able To Apply For Insurance During Retirement?

Yes you can apply for the insurance and get the benefits if you are an employee of company for last ten years.

Can I Get The Paper Retirement Packet And The N Make My Selections Accordingly?

No you can’t get the paper packet of retirement because first of all you are supposed to prepare the personalized retirement estimate and then inform the ERS 90 days before the retirement. Then you will be given a packet based on your selections.

Will I Be Informed About My Retirement That Is It Completed Or Not?

Yes you will be notified by the confirmation email that your retirement documents are completed and approved. But if you haven’t given the email id in your file then a confirmation letter will be mailed on your home address to let you know about retirement completion.

When I Will Be Issued A Retirement Check For My First Time?

It will be paid on the last business day of the month depending on your retirement date.

Can I use my Tex Flex Health Care Account after retirement?

Your Tex Flex Health Care account will be closed on your retirement unless you participate through COBRA. You can only submit the claims for the expense you incurred before the retirement date. If you are having the debit card of health care then it will also be de activated on the last date of your retirement.

Can I Use My Texa$Aver Account After My Retirement?

No you cannot use the Texa$aver account after your retirement. You can enroll for any other plan of the Texa$aver and avail its services. For more details you can contact us by following the given Contact us details.

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